The Academy of Integrated Science is Virginia Tech’s home for interdisciplinary, hands-on education in science and mathematics.

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Value of Integrated Science and Learning

On the value of transdisciplinary thinking: "We'd all studied science as if it's a series of logical steps between question and answer, but doing research is nothing like that."

A two minute demonstration of the power of nanotechnology through "a liquid-repellent coating that acts as an astonishingly powerful shield against water and water-based materials."

Events & Seminars


October 19, 3:30 pm

CMDA Insights from Industry Lecture: Tanya Coutray
"Data Analytics on a Global Scale"

War Memorial Gym, room 124


October 24, 4:00 pm

Center for Soft Matter & Biological Physics Seminar
Dr. David Odde, University of Minnesota

Robeson Hall, room 304